Windows 7 USB Fee Download

Now it’s very easy to install Windows 7 enough from the USB you can already install very easily quickly and efficiently.

Select your USB Pen drive for example. H: or I: or G: then click Start copying. Wait until the process is complete, USB is now bootable. Turn off your computer and the USB plugin is ready to use. Now Turn on the PC and boot from your USB. Finished

Follow the method below:

    • Insert your Pen Drive into the USB Flash Port.
    • To make a Windows bootdisk (Windows XP / 7) select NTFS
    • Next click the button that looks like a DVD drive, which is near THERE a check box that says “Create a bootable disk
    • Select the ISO XP file.
    • Click Start
    • Done!

Your file is safe


Click here to download
The alternative you downloaded






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